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Since our beginning in 2011, at that time under the acronym I‑D‑E‑A‑S, our focus is on the pre-development / optimisation of innovative and efficient products. Specifically, but not exclusively in the field of fluid mechanics (→ Our range of services). We qualify our developments with the help of numerical simulations (CFD / FEM), the creation of prototypes and the planning, implementation and supervision of necessary test series.

In us you will find a partner with the highest qualifications & professionalism, whose efficient inventiveness has so far always led to sustainable, tailor-made solutions for the challenges of the present and the future. We see ourselves as all-rounders who always question processes (also beyond our own horizons). In this way, we uncover potentials and reduce waste. We are not satisfied with the answer "We have always done it that way...".

When proposing solutions, we always pay attention to costs and feasibility or competing requirements. The numerical and experimental results are always checked for plausibility. Our activities are complemented by the development of concepts for equipment and safety functions. We are familiar with working in interdisciplinary teams (English- or Polish-speaking). Colaboration at your location is possible by arrangement.

For more information, please contact us directly using your free initial consultation. We look forward receiving your enquiry and will respond as soon as possible.

About the owner

DRS Dr.-Ing. Adam Stuchlik obtained his general university entrance qualification at the OSZ Energietechnik in 2000. He then completed his basic military service at the J√§gerbataillon 1. This was followed by his mechanical engineering studies in the consecutive Bachelor's / Master's degree programme at the University of Applied Sciences. The successful completion of his studies was honoured with the graduate award for his Master's thesis.

After graduating, he stayed at the university and did research in the field of radial (forward curved blades) fans. The results of this work led to the cooperative doctorate at the Technical University. After successfully completing the project, he started his own business in 2011 in order to be able to offer his expertise and creativity across all sectors.

In addition to various publications and patents, he has experience in teaching and agile project work (SCRUM). He also holds qualifications like Quality Management Specialist and Six Sigma. Dr. Stuchlik is definitely car-savvy, which is also reflected in his regular visits to race tracks.